Winter Wren
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12” x 16”, acrylic, 1979
Legend has it that troglodytes were secretive creatures that crept into caves. In a way, it is therefore appropriate that the scientific name of the winter wren is Troglodytes troglodytes. He enjoys nooks and crannies in cliffs and rock walls or under roots. You are more likely to find him in the mossy shade than an open meadow. He will poke and peer under things and will disappear and reappear almost like magic. He is like a little elf in elfin country and is found in suitable areas all over North America as well as Britain and Europe.

Adding to his mysterious quality in his loud and jubilant song. His voice is far more conspicuous and flashy than he is. It reminds me of the gushing springs and clear little tumbling brooks so often found in his territory.