Summer Morning – Loon
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14 1/8” x 24”, acrylic, 1979
Summer has always meant lakes to me. "Going to the lake" has been a common phrase, not only in our family, but in most families I know. We are lucky. The Canadian Shield is just a couple of hours' drive to the north of us, and it goes on and on for thousands of square miles of rock, forest and especially lakes.

I seem to need to be near a lake in the summer, and when the weather is hot, as it should be, I plunge into the water four or five times a day. In fact, I will often carry the painting I am working on down to the dock and work there on the picnic table. I like the sound of the lapping water, the sense of space and the chance to see wildlife . . . more likely than not, a loon. I especially enjoy exploring new lakes by canoe and, of course, the Canadian Shield is great canoe country.

This is not so much a picture of a loon as it is a picture of a lake on a summer morning. The most magic time is just at dawn. The water is still, the wildlife is active, and there are usually faint wisps of mist, giving a sense of air and space. For those of you that have shared this experience, I hope that this picture takes you back to these precious moments and that you can recall not only the sights, but the delicate sounds and fragrant smells.