Reclining Ocelot
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1994, 14” x 28”, acrylic
The ocelot is perhaps the most elegant of the small cats. In fact, a large ocelot is not all that small since they attain a length of over 3 feet (1 metre). Some would say that they are the most elegant of all cats because of the long neck, slender body and softly shaded, rectangular markings. The face is also particularly appealing with the large, alert eyes, short (almost cute) muzzle and pink nose.
They are found in a variety of habitats from Texas through Central America to northern South America. They can swim and, of course, are excellent tree climbers.

Where they are not threatened, they are as active by day as by night. I have shown this ocelot relaxed and watchful. The painting is in the soft mood of a shaded tropical siesta.