Meadow’s Edge – Mallard
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15” x 22 1/2”, acrylic, 1982
Mallards are one of the most widespread birds in the northern hemisphere. They are found in the presence of man as well as in wild areas. They have even been domesticated. This is true of North America and Europe. They are also an important game bird.

This is my first painting of a mallard. I have hesitated from painting this bird partly because it is so common in hunting pictures and partly because, although I like the bird, the colour combination of bright green head and rusty breast did not appeal to me. However, in this picture, I have shown the mallard drake as a birder often sees him, in a rather quiet, almost domestic scene. I have also used back lighting and a colour combination of flowers, grass and water to harmonize with the colours of the bird. While the hen is busy with the young, this mallard is taking a rest in the midst of a preening session. The water strider insects are completely at ease in his presence on the still surface of the pond.