Fox at the Granary
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24” x 36”,
“The red fox is found all around the temperate zone. He has a sort of love/hate relationship with mankind. He has exploited man wherever possible, but his beautiful fur and crafty ways have earned him a begrudging admiration.

“In England, the most blue-blooded outdoor activity is the fox hunt, which is more of a gallop across the countryside than a hunt. The only element of sport is the fact that the cleverness of the fox in evading the hounds makes it somewhat of a challenge.

“This fox is sniffing at the open door of a very old barn in the early morning. Because of his persecution, he will be hidden most of the day. If he finds anything worth eating here, it would be a rat or mouse, and it would be of help to the farmer. Actually, the unusual supports for the barn are carved stone pillars which are used to keep out the rodents.”