Dozing Lynx
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1987, 35 1/4” x 46 3/4”, acrylic
The lynx is an animal of mystery. Although they are relatively common within their range, they are very seldom seen in the wild. They are mostly nocturnal hunters, and they can move quite silently. The lynx has excellent eyesight and, with their large ears, they have wonderful hearing. If they are out and about in daylight, they'll notice you first and keep out of sight.

A lynx can be distinguished from a bobcat by its long ear tufts, generous side whiskers, gray colour and oversized feet. Its big, soft feet are, of course, for walking on snow without sinking in.

My painting shows the lynx in a late evening's tranquil moment at the entrance to a cave. It is at peace - lightly dozing prior to its night hunt. As I painted, I felt that the icicles and the lynx were like an oriental carving in alabaster or light jade.