Barn Barn & Big Rock
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12” x 16”, gouache on mylar, 1996

The project was sponsored by Natural Parks of France at Les Ecrin, National Park in the French Alps. It was set in the Pyrenees and was similar to, almost an outgrowth of, the Artists for Nature , which was in turn was inspired by Carmanah.

A group of artists went to visit Les Ecrin. They lived in a lovely little stone hut in a very primitive alpine village. It was wonderful going out and painting all day then coming back and eating the simple peasant food, drinking the red wine, and banging on the red checkered tablecloth. We had discussions in different languages and philosophical discourses on how to save the world. It was just one of the tiny settlements, tucked away, where somebody made a living at one time. It is probably abandoned as are so many villages around there.