Fox & Bee Hives
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24" x 36", acrylic on board, 1995

Artists through the ages have always painted that which is close to their hearts. Most have a quiet passion for a place. I suspect that is why we are so attracted to the work of Van Gogh and Andrew Wyeth. I have several special places where I have invested many happy years. This is why Fox and Beehives has so much meaning for me.
When I returned from my trip around the world in 1958, my whole goal in life was to find some land in the country and settle down. This is a corner of that land. All of the white pines in the painting were planted by me as little seedlings in 1959. The white pine has always been my special tree species. I love the soft, billowy effect of the foliage. 
A Dutchman in our neighbourhood asked if he could place some of his beehives in the shade of the pines at the corner of the meadow. We got an annual bucket of excellent honey in the bargain. In the painting, the hives are wrapped in tar paper for the winter.
The hill in the background is our driveway. The ruddy glow of the western sky gave me the idea of a fox colour. That is the magic time of day, when foxes are "on the prowl". (Incidentally, those are the same pines I used in my 1984 painting of that name.)