Lone Raven
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30" x 40", acrylic on canvas, 2001

The raven has gravitas. It is a bird of importance in the lore of mankind.  This is perhaps because of intelligence as well as large size and serious black colour. There is nothing frivolous about the raven. Even so, ravens enjoy playing, performing impressive aerobatics seemingly for the joy of it. Their vocalizations go beyond mere bird cries; they seems to almost talk to each other with quite a complex vocabulary.
I have seen ravens all over the northern hemisphere, usually in wild and remote areas. We do have ravens close to our home but usually in the more rugged upland habitat rather than at the seashore. I depicted this one in winter oak outside my studio window so I could paint the tree direct from nature without leaving the studio. I chose the stark, white background to lend dignity to the bird and his magnificent somber plumage.